WraparoundOhio Forum

A Systems of Care Continuing Conversation

The Center for Innovative Practices (CIP), part of the Begun Center for Violence Prevention with the Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences at Case Western Reserve University, offers a forum for clinicians and care givers sharing questions, lessons learned and promising practices involving systems of care approaches, part of the WraparoundOhio.org ENGAGE initiative. Part of the mission of the CIP has been identifying and disseminating the successful work being done in the field by Ohio’s care providers, a ground-up approach that has helped make the Buckeye State one of the pioneering leaders in youth intervention and recovery. The Wraparound System of Care is among the incarnations of this approach, as county agencies see what works, what is most effective, and what is sustaining.

The WraparoundOhio Forum is thus designed to help keep communications going between providers seeking new and effective ways of treating Ohio’s at-rish youth population achieve mental health, substance use, trauma, and judicial justice recovery. We offer five different conversation points based on Ohio’s five specific regions and invite you to ask questions and help identify solutions to the questions based on your clinical experience. Below are the links based on these regions to pose questions, address issues, or offer ideas based on your or your organization;s experience. We invite you to join the conversation and be part of the discussion.

CENTRAL OHIO: Click Here to Participate

Q: Being in Columbus, we are feeling kind of overwhelmed with the need versus our ability to deal with the attention that seems necessary with Wraparound, Any thoughts?
We initially had the same feeling in Delaware, Ohio until we started seeing some outcomes that created the needed momentum…

NORTHEAST OHIO: Click Here to Participate

Q: How many people are needed to put into place a systems of care approach?
In our experience in Trumbull County, we were able to create a team with five people working in….

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Q: What should we do if one component in the systems of care isn’t really willing to be a part of it, specifically teachers who don’t feel they have the time?
We had the same thing, but once we showed the results from the SOS efforts, we were able to get buy-in from one teacher and that created other interest in participating….

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Q: Will systems of care bust our budget?

Once they saw our pilot project success, our Miegs County board allocated money to expand on the approach….

SOUTHWEST OHIO: Click Here to Participate

Q: We have had trouble getting families involved.

In Hamilton County, however, once one family’s child showed true improvement, we were able to use that to illustrate how the approach might work with other families….