Resiliency Resources*

Resiliency Ohio
Resiliency Ohio seeks to empower youth and families to expect, define, and experience a lifetime of hope, well being, and achievement with full participation in their communities. It is also to support and develop local mental health systems that foster resiliency at all levels of mental health care and education, including mental health promotion, prevention, and intervention, with the ultimate outcome of resilient individuals, families, and communities. Resiliency Leadership Ohio is a youth-guided, family-driven initiative that is co-facilitated by the Center for Innovative Practices at the Institute for the Study and Prevention of Violence at Kent State University, and the Ohio Federation for Children’s Mental Health, with the support of the Ohio Department of Mental Health.

Resiliency Consensus Statement 2009
A resilience-oriented mental health system is affirming of youth and family with unconditional acceptance. Supportive, emotionally safe environments are created, where youth and families can share their vulnerabilities and weaknesses safely and without judgment.  Validation is a shared experience in which each provider journeys to discover and appreciate the family’s culture, circumstances, and life realities. The youth and family are validated for their courage, efforts, and persistence, knowing that progress is sometimes very difficult, and that “hanging in there” is sometimes all that is possible at any given point in a family’s life.  Youth with mental health disabilities and their families are doing the best they can, not only maintaining, but “surviving well.”

Resiliency Trumps Aces
All young people thrive and parents raise their children with consistency and nurturance to develop lasting resilience in the community as a whole. Mobilizing the community through dialogue to radically reduce the number of adverse childhood experiences while building resilience and a more effective service delivery system.This page attempts to recognize that without partners like Annett, who know that shame and blame have no place in our human interactions, that fear-based responses and punitive systems must be replaced with love-based, conscious awareness of how we operate at the relationship level and thus our highest energy state, we would not be where we are today in spreading this movement.