The CIP’s Wraparound Infrastructure Development Series | Sessions 1-3

Sessions respectively recorded: April 6, 2021, May 5, 2021, June 9, 2021

Working Together to Assure the Infrastructure for Successful Wraparound Implementation

This initial session of the series,​ ” Working Together to Assure the Infrastructure for Successful Wraparound Implementation​,” provides an overview with strategies for implementing Wraparound in a System of Care​. It offers tool sets for developing highly customized plans of care, team- based processes employing strengths and unmet needs as the basis for different help and supports for families with complex needs​, and seeks to “magnify” help beyond the boundaries of services.

In addition, the session offers insights regarding organizing processes best applied to the “outliers” from across systems​;  offers mechanisms for reflecting on and improving the local system of care​; ideas for building and maintaining a focus on what individual family stories teach us about our community systems​; leadership “learning from” family plans alternatives to “fixing” plans​; and individualized answers to improved pathways for families​.

Finally, it addresses questions regarding the given the status of Wraparound in our communities such as: What do we do about assuring that the right people are engaged together to take best advantage of these opportunities?​ What do we do about assuring that the right people have the right information to prepare for these opportunities?​ What do we need to do about building spots at the table for all stakeholders?​ What do we do now to ensure that Wraparound remains a community owned resource in the future?​ What are we planning to assure that we do more than build Wraparound, also change our organizations so they align better with our values?​ What are our first thoughts about managing multiple opportunities in a similar time window (crossing the streams)? And what is our plan to move to shared action in time for these opportunities?​

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Keeping the Values In as you Build Wraparound Out

The second session of the Wraparound Infrastructure Development series,​ entitled, ”Keeping the Values In as You Build Wraparound Out,” offers guidelines on staffing and human resource capacities, access to needed services and supports, and accountability. In addition, it examines various pathways to customization along with the process of understanding and communicating what we are doing and whether it is making a difference.

Overall, the session helps clinicians and organizations maintain the values of Wraparound as you build out through intentional self-reflection, analysis, and response. It also assists in developing a keystone pattern of reflecting on the ways in which the system of care principles are articulated and visible in your work and decisions.

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The First Decisions are Never the Last: What Comes Next?

Session 3, the final session of the of the Wraparound Infrastructure Development series, “The First Decisions are Never the Last: What Comes Next?” addresses key areas for moving forward, incluuding: How to plan an organized community response to these initiatives; how to educate and mobilize the community to work together to support the work and expand our system of care; Identifying local provider capacity to provide services; what new resources does Ohio RISE offer, i.e. Mobile Response Services, Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities and IHBT services; and what do these mean for individual counties.

Our aims and efforts include a broader vision for our community SOC that can serve as a foundation for these decisions and opportunities. We have built a home for the “crossing the streams” conversation somewhere in our SOC intersystem structures while thinking through how to get the right information to the right people as soon as it is available. Moreover, we have ways to update staff and customers about the latest decisions and resources in our SOC and are building a capacity to revise structures and decisions as new features and events indicate.

The streams suggest possibilities that can be invaluable to the families we get to serve, as long as we work to be strategic and intentional rather than simply reactive. Aligning efforts across these streams can make a cross-system system more effective, keeping the values in as you build out.

New processes, including regionality, need to inform our next decisions involving sources and locations of services, making a difference through which Wraparound can be the “grease” that makes the pieces run more smoothly together. is presented by The Center for Innovative Practices | Part of the Begun Center for Violence Prevention
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