Wraparound Infrastructure Development Series | Session 1 (April 6, 2021)

Working Together to Assure the Infrastructure for Successful Wraparound Implementation

This initial session of the series,​ ” Working Together to Assure the Infrastructure for Successful Wraparound Implementation​,” provides an overview with strategies for implementing Wraparound in a System of Care​. It offers tool sets for developing highly customized plans of care, team- based processes employing strengths and unmet needs as the basis for different help and supports for families with complex needs​, and seeks to “magnify” help beyond the boundaries of services.

In addition, the session offers insights regarding organizing processes best applied to the “outliers” from across systems​;  offers mechanisms for reflecting on and improving the local system of care​; ideas for building and maintaining a focus on what individual family stories teach us about our community systems​; leadership “learning from” family plans alternatives to “fixing” plans​; and individualized answers to improved pathways for families​.

Finally, it addresses questions regarding the given the status of Wraparound in our communities such as: What do we do about assuring that the right people are engaged together to take best advantage of these opportunities?​ What do we do about assuring that the right people have the right information to prepare for these opportunities?​ What do we need to do about building spots at the table for all stakeholders?​ What do we do now to ensure that Wraparound remains a community owned resource in the future?​ What are we planning to assure that we do more than build Wraparound, also change our organizations so they align better with our values?​ What are our first thoughts about managing multiple opportunities in a similar time window (crossing the streams)? And what is our plan to move to shared action in time for these opportunities?​

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