The Needs Guide: A resource for families, facilitators and team members working with the Wraparound process

Wraparound is a complex process when you put all of the pieces together. Each of the core concepts of Wraparound can be hard to implement. For example, getting a team together to come up with a single plan of care is easier said than done. Staying focused on strengths while struggling with the behavior of a teenager can be a challenge for any Wraparound team. Staying focused on a common outcome can also be challenging. Despite these challenges most individuals associated with Wraparound find that they can manage if not master core Wraparound concepts such as Team, Plan of Care, Strengths or Outcomes. The most difficult Wraparound concept is that of Needs. This Workbook is designed to help all individuals who are working with Wraparound to become comfortable with the concept of needs as used in the Wraparound process. It is also designed to help individuals and teams work better at identifying the underlying needs, reaching agreement about the most important need and staying focused on addressing and meeting those needs. Read Full Article