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About Us

Our Vision
1. To empower youth and families to expect, define, and experience a lifetime of hope, well being, and achievement with full participation in their communities.

2. To support and develop local mental health systems that foster resiliency at all levels of mental health care and education, including mental health promotion, prevention, and intervention, with the ultimate outcome of resilient individuals, families, and communities


Our History
In January of 2005, the Ohio Department of Mental Health empowered youth and families to take a lead role in the development and dissemination of a statewide mental health resiliency initiative that informs policy and practice across the developmental life stages from infancy to the transition to adulthood. In 2008, with additional support from Ohio’s Transformation State Incentive Grant (SAMHSA), the resiliency workgroup was transformed into Resiliency Leadership Ohio.

Resiliency Leadership Ohio is a youth-guided, family-driven initiative that is co-facilitated by the Center for Innovative Practices at the Institute for the Study and Prevention of Violence at Kent State University, and the Ohio Federation for Children’s Mental Health, with the support of the Ohio Department of Mental Health.
Resiliency Leadership Ohio’s unique contribution to resiliency and children’s mental health can be found throughout our website. Please join us in nurturing, facilitating, and supporting resiliency in all youth.


Special Thanks
The work found on this website would not have been possible without the wisdom and years of dedication from all the youth and family members, past and present, of Resiliency Leadership Ohio.

Special thanks to all the youth and families whose pioneering work highlights the power and impact of resiliency. Their shared life stories and personal journeys demonstrate the fundamental role of resiliency in supporting mental wellness.


Funding and Support for this Website and for Resiliency Leadership Ohio Products:

  • Ohio Department of Mental Health
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): Partial funding for this website, for the Resiliency Brochure, and the Resiliency Video was made possible by Grant No.6U79SM57460-01-1 MHT-SIG from SAMHSA.

Ongoing technical support and management of the website:

  • Kent State University


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