1. Wraparound Overview*

Cliff Davis provides a comprehensive overview of Ohio’s ENGAGE System of Care initiative – Presented by OHIOMHAS and the CIP 

The Center for Innovative Practices (CIP), in partnership with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and on behalf of Ohio Family and Children First(FCF) and the Ohio ENGAGE Initiative, presented a webinar on Ohio Wraparound System of Care, under the ENGAGE initiative, for all Ohio counties that have chosen to implement services and activities, presented by System of Care consultant, Cliff Davis.

Clink on this link to view the December 8th ENGAGE Webinar: | View Webinar for ENGAGE System of Care Overview |

| View Cliff Davis’ Wraparound System of Care Powerpoint Presentation from the December 8th Webinar |

The webinar, entitled “Ohio’s ENGAGE System of Care,” has been designed to provide an overview of the ENGAGE Initiative for communitycliff-davis leaders and other stakeholders who can act in support of the primary ENGAGE services.

Under ENGAGE, individuals in half of Ohio’s counties have been trained to facilitate wraparound teams working in partnership with youth and young adults making the transition to adulthood while experiencing mental or behavioral disorders and their families.

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The facilitator training is extensive and ongoing, and facilitators continue to be supported by the ENGAGE implementation team in each county and the development of Learning Communities at the State level. This webinar is designed to provide information to the many other people working in community service systems who supervise, manage, and/or support those facilitators and the wraparound teams they guide.

Learn More about OhioMHAS ENGAGE Initiative | Wraparound Training Resource Material

Information will be provided in the webinar about the ENGAGE Initiative, the Ohio System of Care, the population of focus (transition-age youth and young adults), wraparound practices, family and youth engagement, and what communities need to do to support the use of wraparound practices with this population.

Local Family and Children First Councils and Council Coordinators in ENGAGE counties are strongly urged to utilize this webinar opportunity to deepen local understanding of the goals under ENGAGE and the needs of this population of youth and young adults, while also broadening stakeholder involvement in this work. For example:

Councils might hold a special meeting at one of the webinar times to watch and participate in the webinar as a community team, continuing the discussion locally after the conclusion of the webinar.

Councils seeking to include new members relevant to this population of youth and young adults (such as the adult criminal justice system, specialized housing, or vocational training providers) might use this opportunity to initiate the involvement of those new members.

Staff from each FCF system who commonly serve on wraparound teams might be invited to sit together and view the webinar, ask questions, and identify further training and support needs they have in order to participate productively on teams.

Family members and/or young adult support groups might come together to participate in the webinar, afterwards talking together about how to better assure that local wraparound teams respond to their individualized needs.

The webinar will also be recorded and posted on the Center for Innovative Practices website, enabling counties to set up this type of special event at a time most conducive for local participation. However it is structured, this webinar will provide local communities with a unique opportunity to improve local planning, policy development, and understanding relative to work on behalf of this sometimes challenging population.