A Self-Care Training Video for Caregivers and Providers | Experience TIC: Covid-19 and Provider Resilience

The Center for Innovative Practices (CIP) offers a timely webinar on how mental health and behavioral health specialists and clinicians can meet the evolving needs of young clients and their families during the Covid-19 crisis and the necessary distancing involved. The session explores strategies, tools, and lessons learned in ways to offer connection and continuity those in recovery.

This self-care training for clinicians and care providers, presented by the Center of Innovative Practices’ Bobbu Beale, PSY.D. and Marcia Miller, founder of Columbus, Ohio’s Yoga on High, provides an overview of trauma and Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) from Dr. Beale alongside physical exercises, activities, and movement practices provides by Marcia Miller that can help alleviate the secondary trauma and stress many caregivers may experience when treating at-risk youth and their families, especially during Covid-19.






Self-Care Training Video for Caregivers and Providers | Secondary Traumatic Stress & Provider Resiliency

Training is accompanied by five PDF handouts available at WraparoundOhio.org:


The handouts include:

Professional Quality Of Life Scale (PROQOL) Compassion Satisfaction And Compassion Fatigue (PROQOL) Version 5 (2009)

Personal Resilience Plan

Helpers’ Pocket Card – Caring For Yourself In The Face Of Difficult Work

Experience Tic: Covid-19 & Provider Resilience

4-7-8 Breath Relaxation Exercise – A Patient Handout from Dr Andrew Weil

Video edited for continuity – Press pause for appropriate breaks at your comfort pace


About the Presenters

Bobbi Beale, PSY.D. is a Senior Consultant & Trainer, Center for Innovative Practices, Begun Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences. Dr. Beale has specialized in designing non-traditional therapy programs for youth populations that are at risk or have trauma histories. Her programs have utilized adventure therapy (AT) to increase skills and resiliency, and include individual, family and group applications. She also worked on validating AT with clinical research in Trauma-Informed Day Treatment and implementing a new AT program with both home-based and multi-family group components. Bobbi is also a trainer and consultant on issues related to youth including: Trauma & Resiliency, Bullying, Supportive Behavior Management, Outcomes, Cultural Diversity, Evidence-Based Practices and Teambuilding. Dr. Beale previously served as the Director of the Center for Applied Resilience at Child & Adolescent Behavioral Health in Canton, Ohio. She has been serving at-risk youth and families at C&A since 1991; first as a home-based therapist, then a program supervisor, program designer and division director.

Marcia Miller, E-RYT 500, and certified yoga therapist, has been teaching yoga for over 40 years and has taught all levels and types of students from new beginners to yoga teachers and everyone in between. In 2001 Marcia was one of the founders/owners of Yoga on High. She is one of a few Master Teacher Trainers for the UZIT Trainings and directs the year-long trainings in Columbus.  She is also the Reiki Master and a curriculum advisor for UZIT National. She is on a community advisory board for the Center for Integrative Health and Wellness at the Ohio State University and offers UZIT modalities in Wexner Medical Center at the Ohio State University and to staff members at Kobacker House Hospice.

Marcia leads several types of yoga teacher trainings and she designed and taught the yoga protocol for two large Ohio State University research projects. One researched the effect of yoga on the immune system and the other on the benefits of yoga for women recovering from breast cancer.

Marcia is also a Reiki Master Teacher and teaches Reiki around the country as well as at Yoga on High. She uses reiki extensively in her classes and with private clients. She is also passionate about Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and is bringing NVC to the yoga community and yoga to the NVC community. In 2008 Marcia took the lead in founding the Yoga on High Foundation, a fund at the Columbus Foundation as a way to serve all populations of people in her community including low income kids, homeless veterans and populations traumatized by sexual violence.

Marcia recently had the privilege and joy to teach UZIT to hospice workers in S. Africa and continues to offer skill building in self-care to people in hard jobs who want to continue their lives of service. Her yoga training has been continuous as she has broadened her knowledge in areas of asana and meditation, anatomy and physiology, yoga for traumatized populations and therapeutic yoga.

The Yoga on High Teacher Training Institute is the largest Yoga Teacher Training and Reiki training center in the Midwest offering comprehensive programs in the numerous areas: | Learn More |



Hosted by the CIP’s Senior Research Associate, Bobbi Beale, PsyD as part of the CIP’s continuing mission to help clinicians, their organizations, their clients, families and  communities adjust to new ways of connecting in recovery, especially with high fidelity intensive home-base treatment and Wraparound Systems of Care approaches to youth mental health and substance use recovery. View Session in Bigger Frame | View Video of Session

Shifting Gears & Changing Our Minds – Adjusting BH services during COVID-19 HO2 (PDF)  Here | Shifting Gears & Changing Our Minds – Adjusting BH services during COVID-19 HO2 (Word Document) Here | Individualized Resilience Plan – Sample (PDF) Here | Individualized Resilience Plan – Sample (Word Document)  Here