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Learning Objectives

  • This three-day training is focused on providing the basic understanding and tools necessary for effective facilitation of wrapround team processes. Wraparound is a cross system planning process designed to assist communities and families facing multiple complex needs to develop help plans that are needs based and strengths driven.The session will provide participants with an overview of the development of wraparound followed by a detailed examination of what it takes to fulfill the facilitator role in this process. Engaging families, building strengths inventories, organizing teams, running effective planning meetings, helping teams maintain a sense of progress, and knowing when and how to effectively transition away from wraparound are processes that this training will allow current and potential facilitators to explore and practice.

Who Should Attend

  • - Participants will learn the core history of wraparound and factors reflecting its role in Ohio’s System of Care
  • - Participants will learn and practice key skills related to the implementation of the wraparound process stages and phases; including developing effective strength inventories, team formation, meeting management, strengths-based planning, and plan adaptation over time
  • - Participants will learn and practice developing skills that assist teams and families in seeing progress across the length of stay in Wraparound
  • - Participants will learn key skills and practices involved in assuring that wraparound plans target the right help and the right content in families lives to lead to better outcomes for families and the systems serving them
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