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Wraparound SoC | Practice Pillars STRENGTHS Training

December 7, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Presented by Rachel Sorg


One of the critical practice pillars found in Wraparound is the discovery and application of strengths in bringing together teams and crafting individualized plans with families. Participants in this session will explore the development and application of an inventory of strengths to be used in the care planning process. Practice patterns that support the discovery, documentation, and dissemination of strengths will be examined and practiced. A framework for understanding strengths in a detailed way will be explored in order to support participants to do this work well in the field.

2.75 CEs available to Social work, Counselor, Psychologist, RN, LPN & Chemical Dependency Counselor for ALL Practice Pillar Courses

Connection: To ensure CIP COE provides top quality training and learning experiences, all participants must have their cameras on for the entire training event to attend and receive credit. The attendance and participation expectations are the same for virtual and in-person training events: no multitasking, follow along, engage, and participate in discussions and other activities, no traveling in a car or attending concurrent meetings.

Note: If you join the training without your camera on, you will be removed and need to reschedule.

1. Bandwidth issues: inform your agency and make plans to access a connection that is conducive for camera-on, engaged learning.

2. Chromebook or similar devices generally complicate your connection. You will not be able to obtain chat information etc.; you will need alternative options.

3. Phoning in with audio (no video) cannot verify attendance, you will be removed from the training and unable to earn credits.

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Resources for Wraparound Services

WraparoundOhio is dedicated to identifying evidenced-based and promising practices for dissemination to clinicians and families. Below is a comprehensiveof suggested organizations and sites which provide tools for youth, young adults, parents, and caregivers. Click Here for Resources

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