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Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth

March 8 @ 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

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Kynetta Sugar McFarlane, PsyD

SOC Equity & Inclusion Coordinator (CIP)

Part of the Equity and Inclusion Training Series (6 CEUs)

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Sexual minority or queer youth are coming out at earlier ages, in part attributed to the higher visibility of LGBT people in everyday life, the media, and greater access to information about sexual minorities.

Unfortunately, youth who identify as LGBT have higher risk factors for suicidality, substance abuse, bullying, and homelessness. Due to these increased risk factors, clinicians need to be able to understand and provide support to LGBT youth and their families. This training will begin by introducing the concept of queer theory and exploring how privilege and prejudice effect queer youth.

Participants will learn current terminology while exploring LGBTQ history and the developmental processes of queer youth. Case examples, clinical tools, and resources will be reviewed. After the break, we’ll focus on how to create an affirming therapeutic environment and review The Family Acceptance Project, which is an evidence-based intervention that focuses on reducing family rejection. We will also explore ways to assist LGBT youth at school and review current federal and state rights and laws related to LGBT people.