Effectively Employing Young Adult Peer Providers A Toolkit*

This toolkit was developed over a two-year period in consultation with an advisory board composed of young adults diagnosed with SMHC and experts in transition-age youth mental health. It was led and written by two individuals with personal experience in supervising and supporting young adult peers as well as conducting research examining the young adult peer provider role. Using a mixed-methods approach, the authors conducted interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders (e.g., young adult peer providers and supervisors; non-peer and peer administrators; peer provider advocates and experts; and provider human resource departments) and an extensive literature review of peer-reviewed, white, and grey literature pertaining to young adults in the peer provider role. Provider and program leadership must support peers, co-workers and supervisors to work collaboratively through enhanced trainings, team building strategies, personnel policies, and sharing their enthusiasm for the potential of the YA peer role. This toolkit provides employers with direct guidance on how to enhance their capacity to sustain and grow a young adult peer workforce. | Learn More and View Toolkit |