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Starting this month, the Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Center of Excellence is fully responsible for providing statewide professional development activities related to the Ohio-specific Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) tool and Decision Support Model that all Ohio CANS assessors will be expected to utilize.CANS.

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CANS is a support tool in the clinical decision-making process to determine eligibility into OhioRISE and level of care and service planning. The Ohio CANS assessment tool has been developed for broad application across multiple systems, including youth involved in child protection, developmental disability, department of youth services, and mental health and addiction.

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This ensures youth only need to go through one assessment across multiple providers. The tool gathers all dimensions of the youth and family story to determine needs and strengths and integrates multiple storytellers capturing the voice of the youth and family to produce a full consensus-based assessment. The CANS is updated routinely over the course of treatment to continue ongoing care planning.

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Upcoming OhioRISE Trainings | Moderate and Intensive Care Coordination – First Training
This day-long inaugural training is designed for Intensive and Moderate Care Coordinators associated with OhioRISE. The session will include material that covers the basics of Care Coordination as defined within OhioRISE.

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Foundations of Care Coordination
(Required for both MCC and ICC)
The focus will cover how to set the stage for Purposeful Care Coordination, establishing the right frame for outcomes and right-sizing and adjusting the Child and Family Centered Plan of Care. These sessions will provide participants with a working knowledge of Care Coordinator duties and responsibilities. All participants will attend these sessions together.

ONCE THE FOUNDATIONS SESSION IS COMPLETED, participants will then choose one of the two tracks below for participation during the remainder of each training day. Participants must attend Foundations of Care Coordination and either Intensive Care Coordination or Moderate Care Coordination.

Virtual Training for Moderate Care Coordination
This section is targeted for individuals who will be providing Care Coordination for children and families who enter OhioRISE with moderately defined level of need. Participants will be expected to use and adapt Wraparound principles, processes and practices to assure families get to the right help in the right way in the right time to produce the right results. Trainees will have a chance to consider how their work with families sets the stage for results.

Virtual Training for Intensive Care Coordination
This section is designed for staff hired to provide Intensive Care Coordination using the Wraparound process. Participants will identify steps for implementing Wraparound including methods for building and maintaining a Child and Family Team, approaches to build a Wraparound Plan of Care that builds on strengths, meets needs and increases community connections, steps for managing Teams and Plans until outcomes are achieved.

UPCOMING TRAININGS | Mobile Response Stabilization Services (MRSS) Core Trainings Offered to Ohio Care Providers (All Virtual)SEE FULL SCHEDULE AND REGISTER FOR TRAININGSContinuing with its work with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) and partnership with Ohio Governor’s Children’s Initiative along with  the Ohio Department of Medicaid, the Center for Innovative Practices (CIP) is launching a series of MRSS online trainings for Ohio care providers. MRSS help children/youth and their families who are experiencing an emotional or behavioral stressor by interrupting immediate crisis and ensuring youth and their families are safe.
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